Misguided Organ

Because erasing you from photos on my social media won’t do.
Because a section of my mind will always playback memories of you.
Because no matter how selfish and oblivious you are about things that are untrue.
I stay and take it because my stupid, fucking heart tells me to.

Because I’m doing my best to break away from all of this.
Because I need to allow myself to feel someone else’s kiss.
Because I need someone who will not be obligated and just dismiss.
I stay and take it because my stupid, fucking heart can’t resist.

Because I have faith that I’ll find the person right for me.
Because even after everything the only regret I have is not letting us be.
Because even I couldn’t look past things that I could see.
I left and never looked back because my stupid, fucking heart needed to be free.©


Smick Smack

In this tainted world,
I see with my own eyes,
How some folks help out,
But others terrorize.

They smile in your face
Blanket the inequality
Tell us we’re the same
But that’s not reality

Most look at you like you’re a human
But plenty others won’t
Most look past your complexion
But many folks don’t.

Many admire your hair
And think it’s the shit
While others have no boundaries
And think it’s cool to touch it.

The sweet and sassy spice
Of your attitude
Often gets mistaken as
“Aggressive” or “Rude.”

What makes you, you?
Your abundance of breast, thighs, and ass
Typically cause havoc
And are often hard for those to look past.

They’ll stare and point.
They’ll wonder why you’re happy in your own skin.
They’ll wonder why you smile so bright.
They’ll wonder why you’re not like them.

But that’s a question you can’t analyze
Because only those who hate,
Often, almost always,
Tend to duplicate. ©



It’ll get to the point that they’ll call it an obsession.
Engulfed in a lust bubble people have to question.
Way beyond the point of an immediate connection.
Loving on each other, no need for such perfection.

Peeling back layers to the essences of our souls.
Wrapped up in a way we don’t know how to control.
Fingertips imprint on our bodies as a whole.
And we’ll do it every day like an ultimate goal.

Eyes closed shut, pounding on our chests.
Our hearts feed on love, no need to take a rest.
They’ll say, “Slow down! It’s not a conquest.”
But with us sound ceases; we become beautifully deaf.

We’ll run to the rivers and flow among the sea.
We’ll drown in the stars however long it’ll be.
We’ll fall out of line with the world’s conformity.
We’ll ultimately combust and be nothing but free.©



Her mind was clouded.
Her judgement flawed.
Her sense of self completely dissolved.

Her senses weakened.
Her backbone broke.
Her voice muted; she no longer spoke.

“What happened to me?” A loud  she said.
With marred skin.
And flesh of the dead.

“I buried myself a long time ago.
What’s that in the mirror ?
A face I don’t know.

What have I done?
I picked and picked.
And after all this time it don’t mean shit.

I thought I knew passion.
I felt it brew.
Reality is I had no clue.

So here I am all skin and bone.
Body split open.
Skeleton still broken.

Looking at shadows
Of sorrow and grief.
Praying for love and a sense of relief.”©



One must leave a situation when that said situation becomes toxic. Leave your mind. Leave your body. Leave it all behind and rebirth yourself. No, time will not tick back but the infinite seconds y…

Source: Leave


One must leave a situation when that said situation becomes toxic. Leave your mind. Leave your body. Leave it all behind and rebirth yourself. No, time will not tick back but the infinite seconds you have will negate any of that.

It’s hard to leave but it is truly necessary.

When smiles turn to frowns, leave.

When joy turns to dread, leave.        

When you no longer feel whole, leave.  

Just… leave.

Find who you are for you and quit living for the acceptance of those who barely accept themselves.


A little girl sat next to me and asked me why I was sad.
Her little life had yet to experience good times turn bad.
I looked at her and smiled just to reassure her thoughts.
But she stared on, eyes so demanding that said, “I want to be taught.

I want to know why your eyes seem so gloomy and dim.
I want you to tell me what happened to them.
I want to be prepared for good and bad times.
I want to know why your eyes no longer look like mine.”

Her mocha eyes so familiar, yet so strange,
Were filled with hope and I prayed that as she got older they wouldn’t change.
But that’s a lie within itself as we all know.
Monsters that we call fear are more prevalent as we grow

So I began to explain as best as I could
“That being an adult wasn’t always so good
That making decisions often caused pain
And the friends you once knew often don’t stay the same

As good as you are and as kind as you can be
Life will do its best to beat you down relentlessly
People will judge you based off your hair
You will be denied and often times people won’t care

People will tell you that your dreams don’t matter
Ignore rumored whispers and avoid gossipy chatter
Be true to yourself, avoid being a clone
Because those who pose like others are often left alone

Be resilient. Smile often. Play hard. Work smart.
Listen to your gut. Not always to your heart.
Be mindful. Have bounty. Have honor. Take risks.
And remember, not all asses are meant to be kissed.

True happiness begins from deep within.
You have to learn to be your own bestfriend.
You have to stand when life makes you fall.
And remember it’s okay to crawl, just make sure you’re moving as opposed to not at all.

So, mocha eyes, that’s the best I’ve got.
I hope I helped you learn a lot.
Remember getting older doesn’t mean turning into a robot.
Your soul is free, it’s not meant to rot”.

She smiled, gave me a hug, and prepared to walk away
Taking my words with her; words I hope she replayed.
Suddenly she paused, just to turn around to say,
“It’s going to be wonderful being an adult like you someday.”




“You look great. Why not eat the french fries?”
Because I’m unhealthy.

“Why would you want to lift weights and do squats? You want to look like a man?”
Because I want a great booty, great body, and be overall strong. Plus, I’ll never look like a man. That’s not how weights work…and I couldn’t pull off a beard well enough.

Because I’m tired of hearing that women aren’t strong enough…
Tough enough…
Smart enough…
Pretty enough…

I’m just tired of hearing that we’re not…enough.


One day when I have legacies, rather they come from my womb or the womb of another, one will be bound to ask: “Why us, Mama? Out out any in the world, why us?”

You wonder how I peg such a question to be asked; well that’s because I know who I am and how free thinking my little loves will be.

My response will be something like: “Kid, I always thought I got the better end of the deal. You all are infinite to my being. I’d die without you because my heart can’t pump without the love you all spread through my body. So, why not you?”


The media and society will alter your mind.
I know because in the past, I’ve been a victim to it.
Not anymore.
As soon as I realized this, I finally saw people.
Like really looked at them.
Now, instead of wondering what people may think of me, I watch individuals and think:
“What about you should make me feel terrible about me being me? You’re just a person. Blood, bone, and skin. How we both began doesn’t matter, it’s how we end. “